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Little Judokas (3-5yrs)

Our Little judokas program for 3-5 years old is engaging and fun. We introduce the very first principles of Judo by starting the class with a bow, continuing with a warm up, and then learning some basic judo moves. We focus on continuously staying active: from agility (obstacle course, jumping over the cones, pulling rope) to strength training (push-ups, sit-ups, etc.). We are also focusing on learning how to fall properly in order to prevent and/or avoid injuries in the future. We often incorporate games into our young kids program.

Intermediate Judokas (6+yrs)

Our Intermediate judokas program starts at 6 years old and dives deeper into the principles of Judo art. We continue putting children in touch with their bodies. They learn new judo techniques and practice the ones they already know. Children increase their coordination and agility. At the end of the class we dedicate time to Randori (standing fight) and Ne-Waza (ground fight). Kids benefit from the mental stimulation of learning the new moves and the discipline of conforming to the class rules. Young judokas learn to be more respectful and helpful at home, how to do better in school and often get into less trouble. Watch your child's confidence blossom as their skills improve.

Competing Judokas (Age varies)

Our competing judokas program is designed specifically for those who want to take their judo practice to the next level, or who want to challenge themselves by going to local and national competitions. Participants in this class will continue to improve their judo techniques, coordination, power of concentration, balance and both physical and mental discipline. For children, practicing judo more seriously, it can serve as a valuable moral code to guide them through life. Judo can help children teach the importance of setting goals, and how to be challenged outside ones comfort zone.

Adults classes

Please contact us directly if you are interested in taking an adult Judo class.